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Exclusive Quilted Products

Every one know that the EZ Needlework Scroll Frames are my all time favorite stitching tool!! Click here to see our video demo of how to assemble the EZ Lap Stand.

In that video I mention the exclusive line of Quilted Products we created to work along side the EZ Needlework Scroll Sets. If you have a different type of scroll system double check sizing to make sure these products will work with your system.

First is the Quilted Scroll Rod Covers.. These covers protect your needlework fabric from getting dirty or stained. So easy to use just slide one over each scroll rod. As an added benefit you can now hang your scissors or marker from them. They come in sizes 12 inches to 36 inches.


Next is the Quilted Scroll Frame Envelopes are perfect to keep your stitching nice and clean when you are not working on it. With the quilted fabric and Velcro tabs they are designed to fit all sizes of scroll frames. Each has a nice sizable pocket on the back to store your pattern & supplies. The Envelopes come in 12 inch to 36 inch.

The Quilted Scroll Rod Keeper was created as a safe place to keep your extra EZ Needlework rods, side bars and knobs when not in use. The keeper is 24" Tall and 24” Wide. So it can store rods from 6' to 24”. With Velcro place at the bottom middle and top that helps secure the rods in place during storage. There is canvas at the top and bottom to reinforce the fabric so the screws will not damage the keeper. Also along the bottom are 6 pockets that can easily fit 4 scroll rods or side bars. Featuring the EZ Needlework Starter Set

The Quilted Floss & Bead Storage Tote, perfect to store your floss and/ or bead storage containers. The Floss Tote is 9" x 10" x 8" and can hold 4 of the 17 compartment Floss Organizers.

The Quilted JellyRoll is the perfect place to store your WIP or Finished but not framed pieces? Simply lay your project onto the quilted fabric and roll them up for safekeeping.

The Project Pouch has a easy open flap and is perfect for all the supplies you need for any small project. A 8 inch scroll fame will fit, a 7 compartment floss box, your pattern, and any other odds and ends you need. Measures 13" x 11".

Now the Gadget Pouch also has a easy open flap and is perfect for all the gadgets that make stitching so easy. Your scissors, glasses, and highlighters-- keep them just right where you need them. Measures 6.5" x 6.5".

All of the quilted products are made of 100% cotton in assorted colorful fun prints and colors. May be machine-washed and dried.

Now is the time to advance your stitching with the EZ Needlework Scroll Frame System along with all of our Exclusive Quilted Products.

Happy Stitching to you all!





Ann H.

Is your Quilted Floss & Bead Storage Tote still available?

Also, are there any other patterns for your EZ Stitch Quilted Scroll Rod Keeper and Quilted Stitchers Project Pouch?

Thank you.

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Leah W.

Hi Ann,

Unfortunately our floss and bead storage tote is not available anymore. I would recommend the Quilted Stitcher's Project Pouch in its place.

I would be happy to send you pictures of our current fabric patterns for the Scroll Rod Keeper and the Project Pouch. I will send those to the email address that we have on file. Thanks again for reaching out! Please let us know if you have any other questions and have a great day.

Leah W.
[email protected]

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