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Recorded Sessions

Inside the Hoop with Kimberbell - Making a Quilt part 2

Held last Thursday

Kim, Deanna and Ginger are back to finish their One Hoop Wonders quilts! Using Kimberbell’s new Clear Blue Tiles Expansion Set 2, the ladies will show you how you can add background quilting to any project with your home embroidery machine. From making the perfect quilt sandwich to perfectly planning your quilting, this episode will show you everything you need to take your quilt across the finish line!

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Kimberbell Inside the Hoop - Making a Quilt part 1 (Fabric Shopping & layout board)

Held Thursday, April 11

Making a comfy, cozy quilt has never been easier (or cuter!), thanks to Kimberbell’s One Hoop Wonders. Join Kim, Ginger and Deanna as they make a quilt with the simple, repeatable appliques included in this project. In this episode of Inside the Hoop, the three make a trip to the quilt shop to pick out fabric, then come back to the studio to show you how to make a DIY layout board. Tune in to learn the secret of making sure your fabrics will work together if you are a “line jumper,” AKA, a quilter who likes to mix and match fabrics from a variety of lines and designers.

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Inside the Hoop with Kimberbell

Held Thursday, April 4

Quilted projects big and small can be finished easier on your home embroidery machine. One way you can do this is the Block-by-block method, also known as Quilt As You Go, where each block is quilted individually before it is sewn to the other blocks in a quilt or project.  Kim demonstrates on Quilting Through the Seasons from Kimberbell and we also get 5 tips on the "stitch in the ditch" technique.

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Inside the Hoop with Kimberbell -- Rope Bowls!

Held March 28

Not only are rope bowls popular right now, but in particular the Kimberbell rope bowl method is especially fabulous for getting great project results every time. Tune in to see why!

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Inside the Hoop with Kimberbell -Common Misconceptions About Machine Embroidery

Held March 21

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Inside the Hoop with Kimberbell - Quilting through the Seasons

Held March 14

See all the fun ideas the Kimberbellas came up with for using Quilting through the Seasons  -- including but NOT limited to as a quilted wallhanging!

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