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What About Your Machine?

Learn the features of your machine

Joanne encourages you to learn the features of your machine. Some machines have great tools to help you with fine-tuning placement.  Does your machine have a camera, a projector, or maybe a trial key or a trace feature?   How about keys to move, jog, or nudge that placement?  Learn about the tools of your machine,  and about the other options available.  Keep your mind open to learn about new machine options!

Whether you are new to embroidery, or searching for a different machine, you'll find her machine feature tips helpful in identifying what you want to have and what you want to learn.

Charlene H.

is the older bernette deco 500 a reliable machine?
my first machine I’m a beginner.

is there anything I need to know before I purchase this machine or questions to ask the owner of it?

Not sure if I’m posting this in the right place, I just can’t seem to find where I can do that. Not tech savy but do my best.

Thankyou everyone who replies to my questions

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Kirsten S.

It has a reputation for being reliable. It's about 15-20 years old, and not being made any more. You can ask the owner to recommend a place for servicing it, and also ask if the card reader still works. If you're interested in getting designs for the machine from sources like our web site or other Internet sources, ask if it comes with the card writer box, and if that still works. Get the manuals if possible. Many manuals are available online, but you'd be a step ahead if the owner can give you the printed one.

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Marshall B.

I just bought a white 3300 and it worked for the first few days now it wont embroider any more. it wont pick yp the bobin thread

can some help try to get this thing threaded right?

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Kirsten S.

Hi Marshall,

Here's an online manual for the White 3300 https://www.manualslib.com/manual/782317/White-W33...

The page for bobbin winding and installation is here, and top threading is on the following page:

The pictures aren't very well copied, so I'm not sure how helpful you'll find it. I suggest you try your question in our White 3300 machine forum.


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